The Notion Behind Losing Weight Is Easy


If you’ve been trying to lose weight for awhile I’m sure you have been told over and over how simple it is to lose weight. All you have to do is follow that diet, only take this pill or purchase this piece of workout equipment and your fat will melt away very quickly. The truth is, we spend over billions of dollars annually on product to help us lose weight and the majority of us still fail.

Why Weight Loss Is So Hard?

The notion behind losing weight is easy, you simply burn off more calories than you actually eat. This is achieved by replacing a few sodas with water and adding at least half an hour of exercise daily. Seems easy…and it can be. If that’s the case then why do people still struggle to lose weight? There are several variables that promote our weight gain which you already understand.

But it is not more or less finding time to exercise or selecting the salad over the hamburger, it is about making a commitment to make healthy choices every day regardless of what is occurring in your life. Slimming down will probably be difficult if you are not prepared to make some changes.

It is not impossible to slim down through diet alone, but you will probably reach a plateau. Altering how you eat is going to be one of the major components to consistent weight loss along with actually keeping the weight off. You should be eager to replace unhealthy foods with more healthy alternatives when possible. By changing the way you eat, and what you eat, along with integrating 30 minutes of exercise every day you will start to see long lasting results.

Steve And Becky Holman

Steve and Becky Holman have been together for 28 years after their marriage. They have been blessed with two daughters. Chelsea is the elder one whose age is twenty one while Lindsey is the younger one whose age is seventeen. Steve Holman started his bodybuilding and weight training when he was just 15. He was skinny in those days with a weight of one hundred and nineteen pounds. Since then he has been continuously and passionately training for almost more than 35 years.

In all this struggle and hard work, he does not find himself alone. His wife, Becky Holman, is equally interested and passionate in the same work or weight training and body fitness. She has almost spent twenty years of her life too in working out ways to develop and maintain physical fitness. When she was in her 30s she had to give birth to her daughters and look after them too so she had to put her passion on stop. When she turned forty, she felt over weighted and bad about her physical appearance and could not stop the burning desire in herself to physically transform her body into a more appealing one.

Their works

Her amazing body transformation has been explained in the e-book that is Old School New Body. Now she is a full time instructor and contributor to nutrition based items and lifestyle guide for IRON MAN magazine. And her husband is serving as Editor in Chief for Iron Man Magazine for almost more than twenty five years. He has written over twenty books that can easily guide and help people in their nutrition plans and weight training.

Proper diet plan

He has also written many articles related to proper diet plan, burning fats and building good looking muscles. He has not only provided his useful tips to potential learners but he has also interviewed renowned physique legends like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lee Labrada and Cory Everson. This couple is in their fifties now and they look incredible awesome for their age.

Steve and Becky Holman’s mission is to guide and train young individuals by tightening their muscles and getting rid of extra pounds of their body. Their program needs just ninety minutes a week for proper exercise and the results are just mind blowing. Actually the program offered in their book introduce the reader to a diet plan that can help them enjoy healthy and tasty food along with right exercises to develop a healthy, fit and rejuvenated physique.

Healthy diet and nutritional plan

The programs offered in the Old School New Body eBook provides significant facts to understand why a healthy diet and nutritional plan is vital in context of a workout. By trying out the program mentioned in the book one can attain amazing results that even a regular cardio program fails to deliver for many people. And the best thing is that you don’t have to starve the whole day to lose weight or take bland foods. The program is highly effective and tested one. Results are absolutely guaranteed as your body will get proper shape that will not only make you look young but also energetic as well.